FESTIFOOLS: April 6, 2014 (4pm-5pm); Main Street, Ann Arbor // FOOLMOON: April 4, 2014 (Dusk-Midnight); Washington Street, Ann Arbor
Complete event info (FestiFools).Complete event info (FoolMoon). Make a FoolMoon Luminary!

Make a luminary

Make your very own glowy sculpture and add its light to the FoolMoon mix. Don’t tell anybody — ’cause we gotta maintain our cachet, our mystique, our je ne sais quoi — but it’s really pretty easy: If you’ve got a spare couple of hours and don’t have a debilitating phobia of clear packing tape, it’ll be no sweat! Here’s some inspiration.

The theme for this year’s FoolMoon event is “Moonagerie.” (Something to do with cows, I think.)

Luminary-making workshops

These workshops are FREE (although we won’t actively prevent you from making the suggested $10 donation, should you be so inclined).

Every Sunday in March at Workantile: We Fools are hosting luminary-making workshops at Workantile (118 S. Main St., Ann Arbor). The workshops open at 10am and wrap up at 5pm. Feel free to pop in at anytime for a couple of hours — that’s all it takes to make a simple luminary. Complete event info.

Make a luminary on your own turf

How to: Check out this instructional video on the fundamentals of luminary making.

Where can I buy a “Luminary Kit”? Kits containing everything you need to make a simple luminary sculpture are available from these fine and Foolish local businesses: Ace Barnes Hardware and Sweetwaters (on W. Washington).