FESTIFOOLS: April 6, 2014 (4pm-5pm); Main Street, Ann Arbor // FOOLMOON: April 4, 2014 (Dusk-Midnight); Washington Street, Ann Arbor
Complete event info (FestiFools).Complete event info (FoolMoon).

Help Make Art

Help construct the actual puppets that will be flooding the streets of Ann Arbor on Sunday, April 12. Volunteers are needed in the studio for all of the following Foolish tasks: sculpting, painting, constructing, sewing, costuming, merry-making, and papier-mâché galore (actually, “gore” would be more the more accurate term).


Come by yourself! Come with your friends! Come make new friends! Just get thee to the studio! Contact us for studio hours and location (or for gentle arm-twisting, if you’re ambivalent — we’re actually pretty cool, we think).


Are you involved with a team, business, neighborhood association, community service organization, club, band, gang, posse, etc. that’s looking to try something new and different? We’d love to have your group join the fun. Contact us to make it happen.

Can kids work at the studio?

Well-behaved children may accompany parents/ guardians, but MUST be directly supervised at all times. Unfortunately, the studio’s not set up (yet!) for child-specific creative activities — it abounds with lumber, tools, and other not-so-kid-friendly stuff. The studio is geared to adults, college students, and high school students. We do, however, want to see people of ALL ages gettin’ Foolish at the April 12 event!

Wanna work independently?

We welcome groups and individuals to create their own pieces (in their own studios/garages) and bring them to the FestiFools event on April 12. For details about the staging time/place, please contact us at WonderFoolProductions@gmail.com. All pieces must meet the following specs:

Puppet specifications