FESTIFOOLS: April 6, 2014 (4pm-5pm); Main Street, Ann Arbor // FOOLMOON: April 4, 2014 (Dusk-Midnight); Washington Street, Ann Arbor
Complete event info (FestiFools).Complete event info (FoolMoon). [image by Myra Klarman Photography]
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What is this “FestiFools” thing?

If you’re not already familiar with FestiFools, you can get a sense of what we’re about by watching some videos on the YouTube FestiFools channel, reading a few good blog entries, and diving into the photographically refreshing flickr FestiFools group pool.

NOW is the time for all Fools to come to the aid of the [street] party. WE WANT YOU!

New this year!

We’re calling on all individuals and groups — colleagues, sports teams, music ensembles, neighborhoods, gangs, crews, juggling collectives, insurance industry spokespersons, dance troupes, Pez afficionados, and the like — to assemble your own Foolish creations and join the FestiFools pageantry. Come show off your “WishFool” dreams and (perhaps heretofore hidden) talents for singing, dancing, puppeteering, and making a general spectacle of yourself in public. A secret panel of highly discerning judges will observe the performances on the street and will present the most fun, Foolish, and impressive creation with the Grand Fool trophy. (The second-place finisher will have to be consoled with an obscenely excessive cash prize.)

To bring your schtick to FestiFools, you gotta register here.

Glue schleppers wanted: Seriously, we’d love to have you join in all this craziness. We really need your creativity, vision, and sense of humor — not to mention some good, old-fashioned elbow grease. And you’ll get to hang out with a bunch of unabashedly irreverent, seriously goofy, incandescently brilliant, and unfailingly humble fellow Foolish travelers.

You can help make puppets nearly every weekend from now till April 12. But definitely get in touch first, so we can tell you the secret password and stuff like that. Ring us at the studio (734.763.7550) and/or drop us an email to let us know you’re game for this kinda thing. Operators are not standing by!

About us

FestiFools (and FoolMoon) are produced by WonderFool Productions. FestiFools brings students and community volunteers together to create unique public art that is free and accessible to everyone. Specifically, we make huge-mongous papier-mâché puppets and march them around downtown Ann Arbor on a Sunday early in April. If that sounds like your speed, then dig deeper:

Get involved

Join the fun! Become a full-fledged, card-carrying Fool:

Make art

We need money!

We want your body


URGENT HEALTH WARNING: Irritability, lethargy, phantom-limb pain, werewolf-limb pain, frequent urination, fever, persistent cough, dylesxia, affecting a limp, problems with short-term memory, problems with short-term memory, and/or prickly sensation on back of neck? You may be suffering from Artistic Expression Deficit Disorder (AEDD). Ask your doctor whether FestiFools may be right for you. Donate Now. Donate Now. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY. Do NOT write in this space.